Definitions for "User ID"
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A numeric value for the user's account identification.
The same as User Name.
A number that identifies you as a subscriber to an information service.
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The means by which a person in contact with a system is authenticated to make use of its operational capability[ ] VPN Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a method for accessing a remote network by setting up a secure and encrypted "tunnel" through the Internet.
Number that is actually entered into the keypad enabling users to arm or disarm and access the menu of the system.
A personalized code that is created by MERX at the time of registration. This ID allows Suppliers or Buyers access to the MERX system.
This is the 9 digit barcode number on your student/library card.
Your User ID is your Student Number, as printed on your University ID card (including the initial number - "4" in the case of undergraduates). You will need this, in conjunction with your Library PIN, to access any of the "user services" features on WebCat - e.g. placing holds, renewing loans, etc. When you borrow a book you will need to present your University ID card to the Library staff at the Loans Desk, because it acts as your Library card.
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a component of a GPGKey object
A user ID determines owner access privileges to files and directories. Its string representation is in the form of user.account.
User Administration - Privileges
Part of a user's identification to gain access to a computer system.
See user identification.
A combination of letters and numbers that serves as a user's "call sign" or identification (also called a user name).
The ID number by which a user is known in a specific database. Distinct from server user ID.
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an email-address
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a license to use the site for a period of time which is specified
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See account and username.