Definitions for "User group"
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a great place to obtain good PD software
a great place to obtain help with a project like this, and it will most likely have several public domain (PD) or shareware BBS programs available for you to try at little or no cost
industry: An organization such as BMUG of users of computers. They often have BBS's and some put out newsletters (boy do they!). You can join with like-minded individuals at regular meetings to hear about the latest developments, view software demonstrations, get help for problems, find out what your BBS pals actually look like (if you dare), express your views and schmooze.
A group of permissions that can be assigned to individual users. See also user.
A collection of Athens accounts. Grouping of accounts is useful since it allows changes to be made to all accounts in the group in one operation.
A voluntary group of users of a specific computer or software package, who meet to share tips and listen to industry experts.
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a set of users who have the same trustee rights for a specific set of directories on a file server.
A set of TMN users with common management requirements. source: EURESCOM domain: TMN usage
a set of individuals that are employed by a company and have certain rights to view pricing and other information based on the company
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a peerage of responsibility
The six categories of aircraft operations at the airport. Air Carrier (larger aircraft) and Commuter (smaller aircraft) carry passengers for a fee. Cargo (FedEx and Other) carry only cargo for a fee. General Aviation is private aircraft of all types. Military is military aircraft of all types.
A computer club whose members share programs they've written and information they've learned.
a community of Computer Enthusiasts who band together to learn, to share experiences and to serve their community
a special forum for our members to interact in a shared learning setting with other area professionals
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a collection of developers, IT Managers, system administrators, and anyone who shares a common interest in Java Technology or Sun Products
A collection of users that enroll with a portal.
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a tool to bundle related SQL objects, similar to a schema
a number of users which have agreed to introduce EDI by means of one or more functional messages
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