Definitions for "User authentication"
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Application security code that requires both a user name and password in order to ensure that a user requesting access to a secured system or application is an authorized user.
User authentication is offered by the major card schemes, Visa and MasterCard. Referred to as Verified by VisaT and MasterCard SecureCodeT, authentication requires the cardholder to enter a PIN over a secure connection with the credit card issuer. Once authenticated, the cardholder can proceed with the purchase. Back to the top
The process of protecting a web site by requiring a user to enter an authorized ID and password before entering the site
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One of the lovelier problems facing libraries who want to extend the use of their proprietary online databases to certain user populations. Most contracts for electronic resources define a user group such as "all currently-enrolled students, faculty, and staff at the University of South Florida." How do we let those users in and keep others out? Some database producers make this easier to do than others. You'll hear talk of proxy servers and methods used. The Florida Center for Library Automation set up a proxy authorization service for all SUS libraries in 1999. This service matches your library barcode number with the patron database records supplied by the Registrars offices at each institution. (The University of South Florida uses its own proxy server which was started in 1998.)
Process of validating that a user is who the user represents himself/herself as.
Process of validating that a user is who s/he represents her/himself to be.
Process of validating that a user is who they represent themselves to be.