Definitions for "User"
Enjoyment of property; use.
A person who interacts with a user agent to view, hear, or otherwise use rendered content.
A person who uses a computer and its applications to perform tasks and produce results.
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This refers to an individual that is using an application, a service, a network, etc.
any individual -- whether student, faculty, staff, or individual external to CSULB -- who uses CSULB computing resources
The individual providing input to the computer or using computer output.
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A person using the translogistica marketplace to conduct business. Also known as a Member. Note that a Guest is not User in this context.
The user in the Linksys Wireless Guard/McAfee Wireless Security context is the user of a client machine. The user may be a network member, network owner, or guest.
USER is an international recording artist who earned his chops in the techno-industrial period of the 1990s playing guitar with such notable bands as Atlantic recording artists MOEV (Crucify me, Yeah whatever) and the singer Dean Russell created music project Bacteria. In 1996 USER records Semi-mental Journey in Vancouver Canada. Produced by Brad Macgivern with notable guest musicians drummer Rob Chursinoff (Tegan&Sarah, Ben Lee) and bassist Rich Phiske (Matt Good Band, DSK) includes music video Cyclops which receives national attention through spotlight and rotation on Much Music.
Visitors, employees, and residents in the Merced River corridor.-Shaped valley: A glacially carved valley having a pronounced parabolic cross-sectional profile suggesting the form of a broad letter "" and characterized by steep sides and a nearly flat bottom.
an identifiable visitor to your web-site
also known as visitor, participant, actor, searcher, employee, customer, and client.
Users have a login and password to enter the system. They are typically staff members with daily duties to perform -- be it technically supporting your customer base, overseeing all correspondance with customers, answering billing inqueries or multiple other tasks.
The term User is used within UWEonline's guides to refer to anybody using UWEonline, whether they are teaching staff, students, or administrative staff. Back
anyone who interacts with RT in any way. See staff and non-staff.
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Compile time: ( name --IN- ) Eats name for header from input stream. Run time: ( -- addr ) Leaves address of user-owned data area. USER is a defining word similar to VARIABLE. It defines a data type that is only accessible to the task that created it. This is done by providing each task with it's own USERAREA, from which storage space is allocated. Each user area contains a counter (called USER#) which is used to point to the next available cell to be allotted. Each time USER is invoked: 1. A name is created in the dictionary, from that which follows the USER declaration. 2. The current value of USER# is fetched, installed into the just-created definition, then incremented by 4 (1 cell) and placed back in USER#. Note that when the user-variable later executes, it will place the address of the user-specific data area on that users stack. This address will be equal to the user offset stored in the definition, PLUS the address of that users user area (gotten by [email protected]). Standards: JForth UNIQUE. FIG USER expects an offset ( n -- name ). USER MY-VAR 23 MY-VAR ! Related Words: USER# [email protected] #U
This user-variable is used by the USER facility to track the allotment of the user area. See USER.
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Anyone who is using LoadLeveler.
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Any individual or organization who uses the system or the results of the system. [D04289] CSM The intended occupant or operator of the constructed facility. [D02104] CCCP
anyone using IT or telecom system
An identifier that informs Perforce who is running the p4 commands. By default, this is the same as the system username, but the environment variable P4USER overrides this, allowing any user to impersonate any other.
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someone with an account on the network. Each account has a username and password associated with it. Accounts form the basis of network security.
For Windows NT only, the user name specified in a job definition's "Logon" field must have a matching user definition. The definitions furnish the user passwords required by the scheduler to launch jobs.
A user is identified by a user name and an associated authentication method, for example a password, or an external authentication method, such as ETHZ's nethz service. A user may be in any number of group
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pseudo-column returning a srting value with the name of the current user. Those people that hassle us poor techies.
The end user of an application that runs on the server. (Contrast with developer.)
The client to any biometric vendor. The user must be differentiated from the end user and is responsible for managing and implementing the biometric application rather than actually interacting with the biometric system.
The human being who directly controls a software application or its function. See also end-user.
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An authorized entity that uses a certificate as applicant, subscriber, recipient or relying party, but not including the Certifying Authority issuing the Digital Signature Certificate. (See also certificate applicant; entity; person; subscriber)
an operational entity
A non- or for-profit entity that receives a program-related investment directly from a funder for use in its programs or ventures.
There are two definitions of the word user: People that run a client and participate in a DiCoP server project are called users. Also, people who aministrate the server are sometimes called users, see administrator for more information.
(Legato Storage Manager Administrator's Guide; search in this book)
A user, in library terms, is any individual or group needing or seeking the information services provided by the library. Another term employed to describe library users is "patron."
Anyone who uses your library, the library services, or any of the library resources.
A human being (or a process on behalf of a human being) wishing to obtain mail transfer service. In addition, a recipient of computer mail.
The user table contains preferences and data.
an email address and some preferences, such as HTML-Emails
an email address plus some Preferences , such as "I always want HTML emails", and, optionally, some Attributes ("my name is Bob", "I'm a Pastafarian")
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Either the user of the Microsoft CRM application or the user who is logged in for authentication purposes for each Microsoft CRM API.
A Webstore user can make changes in some way to their organisation on Webstore when they are logged on. See Overview about Users.
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a direct member of one or more Identity Groups at the same group membership level
a member of a group iff there is a record in this table to say so
a member of one or more security groups, and also belongs to an OU, all of which belong to a domain
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See Auth. User
a consumer like myself
The consumer of IT services. This consumer may originate from any of the managerial or operational levels of the organisation.
The product water consumer.
a profit more piece of an intruder to collect data back to the problems will do its chosen form of like most reliable method for bundling spywa
Someone who uses the local area network.
Two definitions: 1. Someone whose requirements cannot be articulated until the system has been implemented and fails to meet them. 2. Someone who doesn't care about the elegance of the architecture or the conformance of the code to ISO standards but who just wants to get a job done, preferably this century.
Someone attached to a server or host.
Multiple-user license that does require a separate server license AC Voltage
An End User at a workstation. The capacity of a server may be described in terms of "Users", which shall mean the number of concurrent users connected to a server, or being served concurrently by it
a server/PC/device protected by the PIX appliance
the individual or organization that actually uses or consumes the product; in Internet advertising, the number of different people visiting a particular web site.
a individual that visits our website(s)
The person using a tool, reading a book, watching a film, visiting a web site , etc...
A database account created by the database administrator.
a mail account on the server to which e-mail can be sent and from which e-mail can be retrieved
an account only
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Anyone who uses the global print driver.
Any driver driving on a Toll Facility. The User is the holder of an account and On-Board Unit. The User may use the On-Board Unit to pay for tolls or services. In toll collection terms the User may be referred to as the “motorist”.
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a plain-old-joe
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Commonly meant to refer to those using MTL's fabrication facilities.
a party who purchases land for its own use, such as a fast food company who plans to construct and operate its own facility on the property; a user does not want to purchase a property unless it can be used for the intended purpose
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a process and, in a decent OS, vice versa
When one DataBlock references another DataBlock, it has a user.
a very active participant in achieving communicative intent
In our terms, a chat participant.
Someone that uses our software. Users contribute to the Apache projects by providing feedback to developers in the form of bug reports and feature suggestions. Users participate in the Apache community by helping other users on mailing lists and user support forums.
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Anyone who uses Travelog is a user. Does this make Travelog some kind of drug? Either way, you can change the user you are reading by using the Author Search on the main page.
Name assigned to a particular EID as part of sign-on. Consists of 1-8 alpha and / or numeric characters.
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An organisation that is authorised by a sponsor to submit data to BACS Payment Schemes for processing. This is identified by a six digit number 120
an employer at whose disposal the temporary labour agent places a temporary employee in view of carrying out certain precise and temporary duties
a client who actually uses the building rather than leasing it to others
accuracy The probability that a pixel classified as a particular habitat on the image is actually that habitat.
The generic definition of the occupant of a space. This may be a tenant, a company or a department. A given space may have more than one user for each tier of definition.
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TV has viewers, radio has listeners and the web has users.
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synonymous with "reader"
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a moderator if the following is true
The ultimate source or destination of a message, or the ultimate cause or effect of an action.
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a term used by the Mac OS
an actor which implements one or more functional messages
The end user that actually uses the product received.
The end-user of a product or device. User typically refers to the end user of software.
The name of the remote user if authentication was required.
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See Zone User
a collection of useful parts connected via useful relations
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a drug reference
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Referred player.
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One who uses.