Definitions for "USENET news"
Keywords:  newsgroup, netnews, soc, bulletin, rec
A hierarchical organization of news articles and groups containing information. The information ranges from technical ( comp.*) to entertainment and social activities ( rec.*, soc.*) to debates ( talk.*).
A service over the Internet which acts like a public forum where you may read and post messages in a discussion.
Or just News or Netnews, for short. A large number of newsgroups (i.e. electronic forums) to discuss just about anything under the sun. UIC subscribes to over 4,000 different newsgroups. Use programs like Trumpet on Windows, Nuntius or Newswatcher on Macintosh, tin on Icarus, or Netnews on CMS to read Usenet News. Also, Web browsers, like Netscape can also be used to read News.