Definitions for "Urine"
Keywords:  excreted, kidney, urethra, waste, urea
In mammals, a fluid excretion from the kidneys; in birds and reptiles, a solid or semisolid excretion.
A mixture of waste products and water produced by the kidneys.
The fluid secreted by the kidney's transported by the ureters, stored in the bladder and voided by the urethra.
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Stale urine (piss) is used for the preparation of leather, and as a mordant in the dyeing of cloth. VEHICLES See Transport
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AN = GEN only: prefer /urine with higher animals, substances & diseases: Manual 19.7+, 19.8.79; for microbiol, see TN 190; urine volume: index under URINE probably NIM UI = D014556
Should be pale and odorless. If it's bright yellow or pungent, you are dehydrated.
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Opposite of "Yer out"
opposite of "you're out"
Create a capacitative disturbance between the ring and tip wires in another's telephone headset
To urinate.