Definitions for "Urban Growth Boundary"
A line drawn around a metropolitan area to designate where growth will be directed. New infill development is usually encouraged in existing urban areas to reduce the need to continue to build outward while land outside the boundary is protected as open space or for agricultural, forestry, or low-density residential development. Most UGBs are required to be adjusted periodically so that there is always a supply of developable land within the boundary.
The boundary around a metropolitan area known as the Urban Growth Area (UGA) outside of which no urban improvements may occur. The UGB is intended to accommodate all projected population and employment growth within a 20-year planning period.
As defined for Lancaster County, this is a boundary around an urban area in the County that is intended to direct growth in the urban area where there is a full range of public facilities and services available to support residential economic development and to prevent development from sprawling into rural areas.