Definitions for "Urban"
Of or belonging to a city or town; as, an urban population.
Belonging to, or suiting, those living in a city; cultivated; polite; urbane; as, urban manners.
The urban population comprises all persons living in urbanized areas (which contain at least one city of 50,000 and its surrounding closely settled area) and places of 2,500 or more population outside of urbanized areas.
The Urban elm is an American cultivar derived from the same ancestry as Homestead and Regal, comprising the Siberian Elm U. pumila, the early Dutch hybrid Commelin, and a Danish field elm cultivar U. minor Hoersholmiensis. Selected from progeny of a controlled crossing made in 1958 by Toru Arisumi of the USDA at Columbus, Ohio, the tree is notable for its tolerance of poor soils, pollution, and drought, but is considered a poor ornamental, possessed of stiff branching and anomalous rounded form. It is resistant to Dutch elm disease, but vulnerable to elm leaf beetle.
A definition used in the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) to characterize a substantially urbanized environment, although the background may have natural appearing elements. Affiliation with individuals and groups is prevalent, as is the convenience of sites and opportunities. Large numbers of users can be expected, both on-site and in nearby areas. Facilities for highly intensified motor vehicle use and parking are available. Regimentation and controls are obvious and numerous.
Large area of houses, factories, etc..
Peculiar to the human environment, as contrasted with that found normally around wild animals.
Environment Canada issues water quality guidelines, but it is the Canadian municipalities, provinces and territories that are accountable for the quality of urban water.
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A term given to R&B and Soul produced in the 80s and 90s.