Definitions for "Upstream"
A kind of transmission in which information or data is fed from an end user to a server. See “downstream”.
Refers typically to the transmission speed from the user to the data network.
If the process by which something is accomplished or produced is thought of as a "flow" from one stage of the process to another, then "upstream" refers to the stages of the process that come before the stage that serves as the reference point. Improvements or innovations made upstream in a process (e.g., Design of product or process) often can have high-leverage impact on results downstream.
Toward the higher part of a stream; against the current.
The section of river that is between you and the start of the river. The side of the boat facing the oncoming current.
In the direction opposite to the movement of traffic.
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Towards the Internet away from the school. For example (relative to your school), the BrightSparks network is upstream of VicOne, which in turn is upstream of your school network.
in Internet access, is traffic originating at the customer end and travelling toward the service provider, possibly for transit to other points on the Internet.
Upstream refers to a relative position in DNA or RNA. Each strand of DNA or RNA has a 5' end and a 3' end, so named for the carbons on the deoxyribose ring. Relative to the position on the strand, upstream is the region towards the 5' end of the strand.
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an explicit destination that the blog account user configures with credentials, but many blog engines automatically ping popular aggregation sites
Identifies DSL sync rate from the end user premises to the DSL equipment.
In the N1 Grid Service Provisioning System network hierarchy, the server that is closer to the master server. For example, the master server is upstream from the local distributor. The docal distributor is upstream from any remote agents that are connected to that local distributor.
In xDSL, the communications from the customer site up into the telecommunications network.
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The side of the filter that the air blows into, before being filtered.
In a communications circuit, there are two circuits-one coming to you and one going away from you. Upstream is another term used to describe the channel going away from you.
A reference used to describe equipment/vessels located in the production process in advance to an identified location/vessel
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Signals in a cable network that move from the home to the cable company.