Definitions for "UPS "
UPS is a source level C and C++ debugger that runs under X
a backup software that will do a safe shut down in the event of power failure where the power does not restore.
Uninterruptable Power Supply A power supply with backup batteries or standby generator and an automatic controller that ensures continuous supply even when the main power feed is interrupted.
nited arcel ervice, or ninterruptible ower upply.
The number of bingo sheets used to make up a book.
This is another term from the cards manufacturing. Refers to number of sheets that are used to made your book. For example, 6 UP indicates that the book has 6 sheets of bingo paper.
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United Parcel Services
United Parcel Service
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Unnatural Pile of Sticks (or Unnatural Stick Pile), a pile of sticks covering a geocache container. [ edit
Universal Polar Stereographic
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Refers to people's tags, for example, "So and so's crew has mad ups on main street"
Refers to total uploads. Is a User Planning System.
an overhead computerized system of moving and tracking components during the assembly process
See unit production systems.
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Unified Presence Server
a commercial express delivery service.
A delivery service which covers specific delivery areas; no delivery time guarantee. to top