Definitions for "Uprights"
Keywords:  trench, chair, vertical, shoring, pole
The vertical members of a shelving or storage system.
Vertical members supporting the sides of a trench.
Vertical shoring members that may be solid (SHEETING) or spaced from 2 to 8 feet apart to prevent cave-ins. Found in: O&M of Wastewater Collection Systems, Vol I & II
Detachable wood pieces stretching from the gunwale to the gang plank on a commercial (or working) narrowboat.
Keywords:  trodden, manoeuvre, grit, quicker, pet
Upright machines are easy to push, manoeuvre, are more convenient and are better for your back. They make cleaning large areas quicker and have a revolving brush bar, which is great for removing trodden dirt, grit and pet hair from carpets.
Keywords:  conned, burner, basket, envelope, rods
The metal or plastic rods that conned the envelope to the basket and hold the burner up.
Keywords:  fins, twin, tail
Twin tail fins.