Definitions for "Uplink"
The ground facility which transmits electronic communication to a satellite.
The portion of a satellite circuit extending from an earth station to the satellite. See downlink.
Satellite: The act of sending data from an earth station up to a satellite, or data that is sent from an earth station up to a satellite.
A connection from a lower to higher device. A hub to a switch, a switch to a router, a router to a server.
A port on hubs/switches that crosses over the circuits of any cable plugged into it. Uplink ports were originally designed for the purpose of daisy-chaining hubs together, but they can also be used to connect a cable modem directly to a LAN. Note: a regular cable connected to an uplink port serves the same function as a crossover cable connected to a normal port.
Represents the connectivity from a border node to an upnode.
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Any BS that supports the call other than the source BS is designated as a target BS. Back to the Top VLR. Visited Location Register. The VLR caches access service parameter information that it obtains from a particular user's HLR upon call establishment.
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See Teleport.
Uplink is a computer game released in 2001 by the British software company Introversion Software. On 23rd August 2006, it was made available for purchase on Valve's Steam service.
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(see upstream)
Uplink is a term used when talking about data transfer speed. In this context it means the situation when the user is uploading data from the phone.
Direction of data transfer from the mobile device to the network.
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