Definitions for "Uplift"
To lift or raise aloft; to raise; to elevate; as, to uplift the arm; to uplift a rock.
A raising or upheaval of strata so as to disturb their regularity and uniformity, and to occasion folds, dislocations, and the like.
A structurally high area in Earth's crust. Formed by movements that bend the crust into a structure such as a dome or an arch.
Fuel to be loaded onto the aircraft.
The action of wind over the roof of a building will cause areas of suction that create uplift forces on the roof assembly.
see Wind Uplift.
is the process of changing an animal into a civilized being. This includes synthesizing the race from the original species and creating a culture for the new race. Vaash Vlathatchna
To increase the intelligence and help develop a culture of a previously non- or near-intelligent species. [From the Uplift novels by David Brin] [AS
a process that provides betterment of the spiritual, social and intellectual condition. SF 1. improvement of the intellectual condition and abilities of another species. 2. the breeding and genetic engineering by which older spacefarer races bring new species into the space culture. [especially in works by Brin
An acronym developed by Dr. James E. Carter in the late 1990's that means uterine positioning by ligament fixation and truncation.
This is a cost placed on Pool electricity prices in England and Wales. It is charged by the National Grid Company, and pays for the transmission system running, and the Pool operation.
The tendency of a structure, due to special loading conditions, to rise from its supports. Negative reaction.
To cause (a portion of Earth's surface) to rise above adjacent areas.
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fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits"
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