Definitions for "Update"
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A small change to a software program you may have purchased or downloaded for free, such as bug fixes. Usually an addition to the original version number (ie: version 1.0 to 1.1).
(1) (n.) An installation on a system that changes software that is of the same type. Unlike an upgrade, an update might downgrade the system. Unlike an initial installation, software of the same type that is being installed must be present before an update can occur.(2) (v.) To perform an installation on a system that changes software that is of the same type.
An updated version of a software program.
The simulation process of changing the values of the state variables at each time step to reflect process rates at that time.
Files are said to be updated during a Bringover or Putback transaction if they exist in both the source workspace and in the destination workspace, and have changed in the source workspace. The SCCS history file in the destination workspace is updated with new deltas from the source workspace.
An action taken to reflect revisions to the duties and responsibilities assigned a position and/or other changes such as reporting relationships which do not warrant a change in classification of the position or do not constitute other classification action.
news that updates your information
a bimonthly newsletter that carries news and information on wildlife sanctuaries and national parks (together called protected areas) from South Asia, particularly
an annual newsletter from the Office of Information and Privacy
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modernize or bring up to date; "We updated the kitchen in the old house"
bring up to date; supply with recent information
bring to the latest state of technology
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To revise the schedule to reflect the most current information on the project. [D02101] PMK87
Click to update the current example with the current loan application information.
To make a linked document match the current state of the original.
a big one this fortnight, not only do I catch up with Mike Beattie about the LCA, I also talk with Shane O'Conner and Kylie Davies, two people using Linux and F/OSS in community based project
The Update Computer Society (Datorföreningen Update in swedish) is an academic computer club at the university of Uppsala, and a member of the Nordic University Computer Club. Update was founded in 1983, and membership is open to all students and employees at the University of Uppsala and the University of Agricultural Sciences at Uppsala. The club operates its own terminal room in the computer science building, and provides various computer services to its members.
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an instantiated
a bibliographic database of land-based literature whose focus is more practical than scholarly
a writethrough to carry an earlier report forward by weaving together fresh developments, sidebars, reaction, added interpretation, analysis and background to give a comprehensive wrap of all significant information available at the time of writing
By Absolute Solid State Logic name for re-writing the settings for an automated console control.
To protect a computer agains the newest threats, the installed antivirus product has to be updated regularly.
The action of installing a Solaris Flash archive on the inactive boot environment by using the Solaris Live Upgrade feature. The update takes place on the inactive boot environment while the system continues to run on the active boot environment.
a monthly round-up of international development news items for journalists published by the Communications Branch of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
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a retrospective monthly look at ECA's main activities
a benefit available exclusively to NLADA civil program members
a subscription-only publication of the Civil Legal Services division
a quarterly, web-based magazine published by the Center of Cuban Studies that covers many topics including politics, economics, and the arts, with an emphasis on U
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Kernel daemon to flush dirty buffers back to disk.
The actual physical alteration of data on the EDB data base.
Not allowed in a data warehouse.
a monthly letter from the president and the executive director of the ADA
an executable (
1/2ል[ edit
a process of saving or storing modifications to a page in the edit/ development domain
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See Library Update
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a five-part process
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Messages related to indexing.
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See live update.
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See service update (page ***).