Definitions for "UPC"
Universal product code. A numeric, 12-digit bar code symbology used extensively in retail, particularly the grocery industry.
universal product code. A label with a series of bars that can be either keyed in or read by a scanner to identify an item and determine its cost.
See Uniform Product Code.
User Parameter Control. Traffic policing to ensure that the defined peak traffic rate is not exceeded in the ATM switch.
Defined as the set of actions taken by the network to monitor and protect traffic, in terms of traffic offered and validity of the ATM connection, at the endsystem, from intentional or unintentional misbehavior, which can affect the QoS of other already established connections, by detecting violations of negotiated parameters and taking appropriate actions. VBR (Variable Bit Rate) An ATM Forum-defined service category which supports variable bit rate data traffic with average and peak traffic parameters.
A form of traffic control that checks and enforces userâ€(tm)s conformance with the traffic contract and the QoS parameters. Commonly known as traffic policing, it is performed at the UNI level.
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.
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A term describing a specific fiber optic contact polishing protocol (process), yielding improved return loss.
UPC, or “Ultra Physical Contact,” describes connectors that undergo extended polishing to render the fiber endface more suitable for optical contact with another fiber than an ordinary PC connector. UPC connectors, for example, exhibit better reflectance properties ( -55dB). See also: PC, polishing, reflectance, APC
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Uplink Power Control. The mechanism to increase the transmission power in order to overcome rain fade.
Unbundled Partial Private Circuit (Refer to Data Tail).
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Unified Personnel Communicator