Definitions for "Up and down"
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to put in the hole in two shots from off the green. Example: a chip, pitch or sand shot followed by one putt, as in "up" onto the green and "down" into the hole.
Getting into the hole in 2 shots from off the green. Usually a chip and a putt.
To sink the ball in the hole with two strokes from off the green.
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moving backward and forward along a given course; "he walked up and down the locker room"; "all up and down the Eastern seaboard"
alternately upward and downward; "he eyed him up and down"
An "Up and Down" bet is an abbreviated method of writing two "Any to Come" bets, e.g., 10p- win A "ATC" 10p-win B - 10p- win B "ATC" 10p-win A. In different parts of the United Kingdom the wager is variously described as: "Cross Over," "Lap," "Over and Over," "Reverse," "Stakes About," "Twist" and "Vice Versa."
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See Duplex
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a drawing hand comprising four sequential cards requiring one more, at either end of the sequence, to make a straight. Example: if a player holds a six and a seven and the flop shows a five and an eight, the player requires either a four or a nine to make the straight
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