Definitions for "Unstructured"
lacking definite structure or organization; "an unstructured situation with no one in authority"; "a neighborhood gang with a relatively unstructured system"; "children in an unstructured environment often feel insecure"; "unstructured inkblots"
lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies
Said of a postal O/R address that specifies a user's postal address in a single attribute. Its structure is left largely unspecified.
Keywords:  buckram, profile, sloping, crown, cap
A low profile cap style with a natural low sloping crown. No buckram has been added to the crown.
Usually applies to documents rather than forms, where both the information and its location in the document may differ greatly from other documents, as in letters or CVs.
decisions which must be made in situations where it is not possible to specify in advance most of the decision procedures to follow; there may be several "right" answers, and no precise way to get a right answer