Definitions for "Unplugged"
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Unplugged is an album by Eric Clapton released in 1992. It was recorded live at Bray Studios in London for the MTV Unplugged series. The album includes an acoustic version of the hit single "Tears in Heaven" and a heavily reworked acoustic version of "Layla".
Unplugged is a live album by Alice in Chains. It was recorded at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Majestic Theatre as part of the MTV Unplugged series of concerts and contains live, acoustic versions of the band's songs. The show first aired on MTV on May 28, 1996.
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg) is a live unplugged performance by Paul Mc Cartney, recorded and released in 1991. Following the enormity of his world tour recently captured on Tripping the Live Fantastic, McCartney relished the opportunity to strip back his songs and appear on the newly-launched acoustic-only show. Consequently, McCartney was among the first in a long line of artists to release an unplugged album.
Minimal amplification (instrument amps only)
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