Definitions for "Unloading"
1. The physical removal of cargo from a vessel, a truck, an airplane, a railroad car. 2. The physical removal of cargo from a container; also called devanning.
used in unloading or removing e.g. cargo
surrender of the Bill of Lading to Saia on shipments billed "To Order."-Payment of lawful charges to the carrier when required prior to delivery of the shipment. -Notification to Saia that vehicle is unloaded and ready for forwarding. -Signing of delivery receipt.
Release downstream of trapped contaminate. Die to change in flow rate, mechanical shock, excessive pressure build-up or medium failure.
The release of the contaminant that was captured by a filter medium.
The release of contaminants that were originally retained by the filter medium. This usually happens due to increase in pressure or pressure fluctuation. Soft filtration media is more prone to unloading.
Selling securities or commodities when prices are declining to preclude further loss.
Selling securities or commodities whose prices are dropping to minimize loss.
Selling a security when its price is falling to prevent further losses. See: Dumping; Profit Taking; Selling Off
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the labor of unloading something