Definitions for "unload"
Remove ammunition from a firearm.
To remove scrap from a conveyance.
1. The complete removal of all ammunition from a firearm and itâ€(tm)s magazine 2. Disassembly of a cartridge or shell.
To take the load from; to discharge of a load or cargo; to disburden; as, to unload a ship; to unload a beast.
To discharge or remove, as a load or a burden; as, to unload the cargo of a vessel.
to remove a cassette from the cassette stage of the equipment. Contrast load.
Term for sale of assets or unwinding positions either to limit loss or to undermine other market participants positions.
Randomized, multicenter clinical trial equally randomized to UF alone or IV diuretics (Control). Stands for UltrafiltratioN versus IV Diuretics for Patients HospitaLized for Acute Decompensated Congestive Heart Failure: A Prospective Randomized Clinical Trial. Enrollment complete in July 2005, publications expected in early 2006.
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verb, "scaricare"
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A device designed to provide a consistent value with varying currencies. E.g. ECU and SDR.
To eject the medium from the device.
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Sell, usually at a loss.
To sell in large quantities, as stock; to get rid of.
to sell merchandise extremely quickly by offering any of a several incentive-laden promotional inducements to consumers; i.e., to move products off retail shelves at a fast pace in a short time.
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Slang for ejaculation.
To ejaculate. Upskirt
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Hence, to relieve from anything onerous.
To perform the act of unloading anything; as, let unload now.
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Unloading a database exports the structure and/or data of the database to text files (SQL command files for the structure, and ASCII comma-separated files for the data). You unload a database with the Unload utility. In addition, you can unload selected portions of your data using the UNLOAD statement.
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To draw the charge from; as, to unload a gun.
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Same as "throw off" (above).