Definitions for "United Left"
United Left (Izquierda Unida) is a political coalition that was organized in 1986 during the mobilizations in Spain against NATO. It was formed by several groups of leftists, greens, left-wing socialists and republicans, but was always dominated by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE). The Carlist and Humanist Party were also founding members of the coalition but they parted ways in 1987.
The United Left (Spanish: Izquierda Unida) was a political party in Argentina. It was an alliance of several groups, chiefly the Communist Party of Argentina and the Socialist Workers' Movement.
United Left (in Spanish: Izquierda Unida) was an alliance of leftist parties in Peru founded in 1980 by Popular Democratic Unity (UDP), Revolutionary Left Union (UNIR), Peruvian Communist Party (PCP), Revolutionary Socialist Party (PSR), Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) and FOCEP.