Definitions for "Unfinished Life"
a beautifully-written movie (by Mark Spragg and Virginia Korus Spragg) that tells a simple tale of hidden wounds and redemption
a movie about relationships
an extraordinary story of love and forgiveness
a modern melodramatic oater whose plot once started can navigate on its own
a predictable screenplay, but let us now praise famous bears
a pretty straightforward drama and a bit predictable, the movie is worth watching thanks to the performances of Robert Redford and the great Morgan Freeman
an old-fashioned tearjerker, to be sure, yet parts of it undeniably work
a reminder of the rich, mellow, complicated pleasure that comes from watching good actors grow old
a reminder that his talent is only getting stronger, that his acting life is indeed not yet finished
a last-minute replacement for Keane, which was apparently pulled because those bloody Frenchies had requested it for the Deauville festival
an engrossing character study about estranged family members crippled by loss and hardened by guilt and resentment
a diamond in the ruff and a film that should have been embraced by the mainstream, not given a limited release
a great film about people coming to grips with tragedy and each other
a slow-moving film
Keywords:  rible, ter, waste, opportunities, thing
a series of wasted opportunities
a ter- rible thing to waste
a star vehicle, but one that successfully downplays celebrity
a terrific accomplishment, and I highly recommend it
a very relaxing and enjoyable experience