Definitions for "Underwriting"
An insurance company issues a policy when it believes you have a certain level of "risk" or chance of a claim. Underwriting is the process the company uses to decide whether to accept or reject an application. Companies do not make their underwriting guidelines public because they are considered to be trade secrets.
Analysis of credit risk on a specific rate and term for a mortgage on a given property for given borrowers.
The underwriting process evaluates the likelihood an insured event will occur, determines its likely cost and develops an appropriate premium for the coverage that is competitive in the marketplace and remunerative to the insurance company writing the policy. For some standardized coverage's that are highly competitive, underwriting may be somewhat besides the point -- the policy has to be priced according to marketplace pressures if the insurer wishes to remain in that line of coverage. Underwriting still plays a substantial role for many coverage's, however, even those in the increasingly competitive businesses of auto, home and term life insurance. Insurance companies don t all target the same slice of the market in the same states, and thus often have different objectives in their underwriting efforts as well as different cost structures that determine operating profit margins in their underwriting calculations. Underwriting differences account in part for the substantial differences in insurance premiums for comparable coverage's
The procedure by which an underwriter brings a new security issue to the investing public in an offering. Also, the process of insuring someone or something. see also allotment, firm commitment offering, best efforts offering, offering price, broker loan, syndicate, direct financing, negotiated underwriting, pipeline.
Every mortgage has to be checked by and passed by an underwriter to make sure everything has been received and checked before an offer can be issued.
In return for a fee, underwriters agree to take up the portion of a new share issue that is not subscribed.
"sottoscrizione, finanziamento"
purchase of securities on the primary market with their further resale to investors; signing of a contract, which guarantees full or partial sale of the issuer's securities to investors as to their full or partial redemption at a fixed price with further resale, or oblige the buyer to do everything in their power in order to sell as many securities as possible without taking the obligation to purchase any of the unsold securities
The purchase for resale of a new issue of securities by an investment dealer or group of dealers who are also known as underwriters. The formal agreements for these transactions are called underwriting agreements.
Financial backing of a program or event.
Financial backup and support for an event in order to cover any unforseen problems or disasters.
Undivided Interest Unencumbered Property
Grants from foundations or private corporations to cover costs of producing or airing a program or series on public television or radio, in exchange for on-air presentations or credit or related recognition. On-air messages cannot include "call to action."
Accept liability under; undertake to finance or support. When considering an application for credit, this is obtaining all relevant information particular to the transaction (i.e. equipment purpose, terms requested, customer's details) and assessing such information to make a decision either to accept or decline the application.
The action of a credit analyst looking at the information submitted by a borrower and making a credit decision.
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Underwriting agreement Underwriting Commission
underwriting agreement underwriting spread
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The business of an underwriter,
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Acting as the underwriter in a purchase and sale.