Definitions for "Underwriter"
A investment banker that markets and sells securities to the public. The sale of these securities is traditionally conducted through a syndicate which agrees to purchase a new issue of securities from an issuer and distribute them to investors.
(1) In security markets, the financial institution which agrees to purchase an unsubscribed new issue of securities at an agreed price on a fixed day with a view to selling it publicly, for an underwriting fee.(2) In an insurance contract, the insurer who underwrites the policy. Français: Syndicataire Español: Suscriptor, Asegurador
An intermediary between an issuer of a security and the investing public, usually an investment bank. Also, an issuer of insurance policies. see also Agreement Among Underwriters, Chartered Life Underwriter, dated date, bond circular, prospectus, distribution capability, firm commitment offering, best efforts offering, direct placement, intermediary, issue, lead underwriter, preliminary official statement, preliminary prospectus, road show, stabilization, standby commitment, underbanked.
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One who underwrites his name to the conditions of an insurance policy, especially of a marine policy; an insurer.
Person who decides whether to accept a risk and calculates the premium to be charged.
The person in an insurance company who evaluates proposed risks, accepts or declines insurance applications, and determines the appropriate premium amount to charge acceptable risks.
Underwriters analyze a borrower's credit worthiness and approve the loan.
One who analyzes a potential borrowers ability to repay a loan.
Lender employee responsible for approving or denying a loan based on examination of the loan application and related documents.
At (, your underwriter is the liaison between you and the credit officer. The underwriter is responsible for reviewing and verifying all your documents and information and submitting it to a credit officer. ()
The underwriter is the lender or company who actually provides the money for you loan. A mortgage broker "brokers" and represents several different underwriters and depending on your situation they choose the "best" underwriter for you and your lender.
a company that handles all the paperwork and filings associated with marketing your stock
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Undivided Interest
A person who works for the lender and who is assigned to evaluate and prepare all loan documents necessary for the borrower to sign, then follows up to close the loan.
Indicates (numerically) which underwriter has been assigned to the group.
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see Secondary Market
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Typically refers to the Managing Underwriter. Can also refer to the underwriting group.
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a key part of the loan process
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One who underwrites a loan for another.