Definitions for "Undershoot"
This effect is commonly called ringing. The output voltage can exceed the steady state plateau of either the logic "0" state or the logic "1" state for a period of time. This ringing will decrease in amplitude until the steady state plateau is reached. An unmatched impedance load presented to the oscillator output causes the ringing. It becomes more pronounced as the rise/fall times decrease and the output frequency increases. Proper output loading and good R.F./Microwave transmission line techniques must be used to prevent ringing on the waveform.
The transient period of increased negativity at the termination of an action potential.
Transient change in a converter output voltage that does not meet the lower limit of the voltage accuracy specificiation. Typically occurs at converter turn on/off or with some step change in output load or input line. Also see Voltage Accuracy.
A digitized line that does not quite reach a line that it should intersect. As with an overshoot, this is also ssometimes referred to as a dangling line.
A digitized line that does not quite reach a line that it should intersect or join.
An arc that does not intersect another arc. See dangling arc.
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The amount that a cooling cycle in a thermal feedback control system cools beyond the set point.
The difference in temperature between the temperature a process goes to, below the set point, after the cooling cycle is turned off and the set point temperature.