Definitions for "Underneath"
Underneath is an album by American pop/rock group Hanson. It was released in 2004 by 3 CG Records. It is the band's first release on their own independent record label, 3CG Records.
Underneath is the most recent studio album by The Verve Pipe, released on September 25, 2001. Produced by Fountains of Wayne / Ivy band member Adam Schlesinger, the album's power-pop sound was a departure from the darker, textured sonics of The Verve Pipe and Villains. "Never Let You Down," the album's lead single, was one of the Top 50 Most Played songs for Adult Top 40 and Modern A/C radio in 2001.
Beneath; below; in a lower place; under; as, a channel underneath the soil.
Under; beneath; below.
beneath by way of support; "a house with a good foundation underneath"
on the lower or downward side; "a chest of drawers all scratched underneath"
lower down on the page; "diagrams with figures underneath"
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Getting to the left of a car while passing.