Definitions for "Underflow"
The downstream flow of water through the permeable deposits that underlie a stream and that are more or less limited by rocks of low permeability.
The underground flow or movement of water in an aquifer.
the discharge from the bottom of a thickener, which should have a high concentration of settled waste solids from the solid-liquid suspension added to a thickener.
Condition caused when a floating-point value is too small to be represented.
An exception condition that occurs when the result of a floating-point operation is smaller than the smallest normalized number. On systems that support it, fast underflow is an efficient method of handling this exception.
A condition that occurs when the result of an operation is less than the smallest possible nonzero number. IBM.
(ISO) The state in which a calculator shows a zero indicator for the most significant part of a number while the least significant part of the number is dropped. For example, if the calculator output capacity is four digits, the number .0000432 will be shown as .0000. See: arithmetic underflow.
An error condition that occurs when a calculation produces a result too small for the computer to represent.