Definitions for "UNDERDOG"
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The team or player considered by the bookie to have less (or the least) chance of winning.
Before all the cards are dealt, a hand that does not figure to be the winner.
the team picked by handicappers to lose a sporting event
Underdog was an American animated television series that debuted on October 3, 1964, on the NBC network and continued in syndication until 1973 for a run of approximately 124 episodes over NBC, and occasionally, CBS.
Underdog is the sixth album released by Audio Adrenaline.
Underdog was the second single released off the dubut Testeagles album Non Comprehendus.
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"sfavorito, sfavorita"
Underdog is a film slated for release on August 3, 2007 featuring the the super-powered cartoon character of the same name. Several other characters share name with characters from the cartoon, though it is unclear whether other similarities exist. It is produced by Spyglass Entertainment and Classic Media and will be distributed theatrically in the United States by Walt Disney Pictures.