Definitions for "unbound"
A rewrite from scratch of BIND 9 for OpenBSD and FreeBSD.
periodical - a paper issue of a journal of magazine.
When the leaves are loose, usually refers to a book that was never bound.
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imp. & p. p. of Unbind.
not secured within a cover; "an unbound book"
Unbound is the third album of the Swedish melodic death metal band Merciless. It was released in 1994. The cover artwork is created by Kristian WÃ¥hlin.
not restrained or tied down by bonds
An area within a bonded interface between two adherends in which the intended bonding action failed to take place, or where two layers of prepreg in a cured component do not adhere to each other. Also used to denote specific areas deliberately prevented from bonding in order to simulate a defective bond, such as in the generation of quality standards specimens.
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A variable is unbound if it has not yet been instantiated.
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On a form or report, data that is not connected to a particular record in a table. The most common unbound control is a label but you can also have graphics such as a logo on your form or report as well.
not held in chemical or physical combination