Definitions for "Unambiguous"
Having only a single possible meaning, and therefore not susceptible to multiple conflicting interpretations. Clear and certain, without being obscure or vague.
(1) Not having two or more possible meanings. (2) Not susceptible to different interpretations. (3) Not obscure, not vague. (4) Clear, definite, certain.
having or exhibiting a single clearly defined meaning; "As a horror, absolutely unambiguous"- Mario Vargas Llosa
A pattern is unambiguous when any fragment of an instance document that is valid per this pattern is valid for precisely one of the choices in the schema. RELAX NG doesn't require the use of unambiguous patterns, but they can be considered good practice for annotation and datatype assignment, especially when conversion from RELAX NG to another schema language is necessary.
Refers to specific item or category in requisite level of semantic precision.