Definitions for "Ultrasonic"
Communications, Audio: Frequencies higher than the human ear can hear, or higher than 20,000 Hz.
An electronic method of non destructive testing utilizing sound waves.
Pertaining to sound waves whose frequencies lie above the upper limit of audibility, i.e., above 20,000 cycles per second.
a special machine used for the cleaning of medical
An Ultrasonic Cleaner is a device used by jewelers to clean jewelry using ultrasonic waves. This method loosens dirt most effectively, and small home units can also be found.
A cleaning machine for gemstones and jewelry that blasts dirt away with ultrasonic waves. But cannot be used on all types of gemstones such as pearls. Be sure to consult a professional jeweler before cleaning any jewelry.
An NDE technique which relies on an ultrasonic beam passing through a coating and substrate and providing a signal from the back wall which is then detected. The height of this backwall echo depends on the discontinuity in impedance from the sprayed coating to the substrate. Bonding flaws can be easily seen by the weakening of the back wall echo.
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Ultra Wide SCSI Unbalanced
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a wirebond process using ultrasonic energy to form wirebonds.