Definitions for "UCC"
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Acronym for Uniform Commercial Code, a set of standardized laws about financial...
Uniform Commercial Code - Set of laws compiled by the American Law Institute National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, which are guidelines for modern commercial transactions and make the laws uniform among various jurisdictions.
Universal Copyright Convention. Gives protection to authors or originators of text, photographs or illustrations etc., to prevent use without permission or acknowledgment. The publication should carry the copyright mark ©, the name of the originator and the year of publication.
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Ultra Clean Coal. Coal that is washed, ground into fine particles, then chemically treated to remove sulfur, ash, silicone, and other substances; usually briquetted and coated with a sealant made from coal.
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Uncollected Funds
Universal Connectivity Charge. A fee, usually a percentage of a customer's total phone bill, charged to customers by some carriers to recover the cost of paying into the Universal Service Fund (USF). See below for more information on the USF.
Universal Copyright Convention. A system to protect unique work from reproducing without knowledge from the originator. To qualify, one must register their work and publish a (c) indicating registration.
Undepreciated capital cost. The remaining balance of depreciable capital assets used as the base for future capital cost allowance claims.
A security instrument pertaining to personal property, filed and perfected with Secretary of State and may be recorded with the County Recorder.
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United Church of Christ
Unit Classification Committee
Utility Cost Centre. A cost centre for the provision of support services to other cost centres.
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User Created Contents
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See GS1