Definitions for "UBR"
Best effort service that does not require tightly constrained delay and delay variation. UBR provides no specific quality of service or guaranteed throughput.
An economical best-effort class of service, without a guaranteed performance level.
a type of traffic that is not considered time-critical (e.g., ARP messages, pure data), allocated whatever bandwidth is available at any given time. UBR traffic is given a "best effort" priority in an ATM network with no guarantee of successful transmission.
Acronym for "UDDI Business Registry".
UDDI Business Registry. The cooperating network of public UDDI servers. Each UDDI Business Registry node automatically replicates the registered entities to the other UBR nodes. All UBR nodes currently support both versions 1 and 2 of the UDDI API.
See UDDI Business Registry.
Universal broadband router.
UBRacing is the Formula Student Racing Team of the University of Birmingham, in the West Midlands, UK.