Definitions for "Typeset"
Keywords:  typeface, size, raw, style, columns
The process of applying style specifications such as typeface and point size to raw text.
To format copy by assigning it a typeface, weight, size, and color.
The type style and size of words must be set and composed into columns and pages.
Keywords:  korn, nicely, bash, set, variable
(Korn/Bash) sets the type of variable and optionally its initial value.
set in type; "My book will be typeset nicely"
To create type of a quality usable for reproduction, whether electronically or mechanically.
Traditionally, typesetting referred to the process of placing type on a page. This is how books have been printing for the past several hundred years. Now, newer technologies for creating identical output (some Desk Top Publishing programs, high-quality printers, etc.) are encompassed by the same name. Printing that is the same quality as typeset output is called typeset quality.