Definitions for "Tympanum"
The ear drum, or middle ear. Sometimes applied incorrectly to the tympanic membrane. See Ear.
The recessed face of a pediment within the frame made by the upper and lower cornices, being usually a triangular space or table.
The space within an arch, and above a lintel or a subordinate arch, spanning the opening below the arch.
Keywords:  grouse, prairie, naked, chicken, sacs
One of the naked, inflatable air sacs on the neck of the prairie chicken and other species of grouse.
Keywords:  shrews, bulla, bony, pertaining, ring
Of, or pertaining to, bony ring, as in shrews, that does not form a complete bulla.
a large hemispherical brass or copper percussion instrument with a drumhead that can be tuned by adjusting the tension on it
Latin name (plural tympana) for a latitude plate of an astrolabe.
Keywords:  syrinx, anterior, birds, chamber, part
A chamber in the anterior part of the syrinx of birds.
Keywords:  skull, portion, back
The back portion of the skull.