Definitions for "Twt"
Timeline, What Timeline? indicates that the story will not bother with the niceties of sticking to the Gundam Wing timeline (49 episodes plus the OVA 'Endless Waltz', along with the handful of official mangas -the Episode Zero and Blind Target mangas-)
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timeline? What timeline? These stories deal with altered timelines. For example, a story in this genre might take an event that happened in the future and place it in the past, change a character's age, height, opinion of certain things, etc. However, these type of stories might not follow any set order of events at all.
Traveling Wave Tube. An electronic signal amplifier characterised by wide bandwidth, high gain, and linearity. Used in the PAR radar system. Back to
A microwave tube of special design using a broadband circuit in which a beam of electrons interacts continuously with a guided electromagnetic field to amplify microwave frequencies.
Travelling Wave Tube, a microwave amplification device, which works by transferring energy from an electron beam to a wave propagating in a helix structure within the tube.
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Total Weight Refers to the total weight of a stone(s) content.