Definitions for "Twinkle "
Keywords:  wink, gleam, sparkle, flash, brief
To open and shut the eye rapidly; to blink; to wink.
To shine with an intermitted or a broken, quavering light; to flash at intervals; to sparkle; to scintillate.
A closing or opening, or a quick motion, of the eye; a wink or sparkle of the eye.
Keywords:  sip, srtp, zrtp, glp, stun
Twinkle is a software phone for voice over IP communications using the SIP protocol. You can use it for direct IP phone to IP phone communication, or in a network using a SIP proxy to route your calls. Some of the features offered are call waiting, call hold, 3-way conference call, call transfer, and call reject. It supports STUN or a statically configured public IP address for NAT traversal.
Twinkle is a free software/open source VoIP application for Linux. It uses the SIP protocol. It also incorporates a GLP implementation of the ZRTP and SRTP security protocols and MD5 digest authentication.
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Lynn Annette Ripley, known as Twinkle (born 15 July 1947 in Surbiton, Surrey, England) was an English pop music singer and songwriter in the 1960s.
Keywords:  weizmann, shamir, pun, adi, purported
TWINKLE is a hypothetical integer factorization device described in 1999 by Adi Shamir and purported to be capable of factoring 512-bit integers. The name is an acronym of "The Weizmann Institute Key Locating Engine". It is also a pun on the twinkling LEDs used in the device.
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Twinkle, 'the picture paper especially for little girls' is a popular British comic, published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd from 1968 to the late 1980s.
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Small, hidden mirror allowing dealers to see all cards that are dealt. It is a form of casino cheating and is not allowed.