Definitions for "Tweak"
Another term for adjustment.
Tweak: A condition where a small adjustment is needed to the rudder or strut to make the boat track better.
To adjust or fine-tune.
Keywords:  pinch, twitch, sharply, squeeze, pluck
To pinch and pull with a sudden jerk and twist; to twitch; as, to tweak the nose.
A sharp pinch or jerk; a twist or twitch; as, a tweak of the nose.
a squeeze with the fingers
Keywords:  rider, bigger, skateboard, contort, arc
verb, noun To bend, contort, or otherwise move the body and board during a skateboard maneuver.
When a rider puts a little extra on a move ... makes a bigger arc, extends the board farther, etc.
When a rider puts a little extra on a move...make a bigger arc, extend the board further, etc.
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a term used to describe small changes in the surroundings of a frame. If certain elements don't line up quite right, or a background doesn't blend with the foreground action, an animator will alter the picture slightly to make the scene appear more realistic. Wavefront - See Alias/Wavefront.
(musician-ese) to subtly change.
A minor change made in a scene or portion of a screenplay or a stageplay.
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When you modify a certain piece of hardware for better performance, it is often ...
To customize, tailor, adjust, rearrange, cajole, or otherwise mess with. More specifically, it means changing settings on a piece of hardware or software so that your needs are more closely attended to.
To tweak a piece of software or hardware means to customize it to your particular circumstances and operating environment. Tweaking usually involves configuring a number of settings. This ranges in difficulty.
Tweak is a graphical user interface (GUI) layer to the Squeak development environment, which in turn is an integrated development environment based on the SmallTalk-80 computer programming language. Tweak is meant to replace an earlier graphic user interface layer called Morphic.
Keywords:  tweag, trouble, distress
Trouble; distress; tweag.
Keywords:  finesse, massage, art, text
To finesse or massage text or art.
a small modification that makes a program more suited to your indiviual needs or tastes
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spin(1) of the ball. The bowler gave the ball a good tweak. v.t. to get the ball spinning when bowling it. The bowler tweaked the ball strongly.
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A prostitute.