Definitions for "Turntable"
A large revolving platform, for turning railroad cars, locomotives, etc., in a different direction; -- called also turnplate.
A rotating device in the center of a unit that promotes more uniform cooking by allowing the food to be cooked evenly on all sides without stirring. Turntables are raised or recessed.
A large, pivoted circular apparatus which rotates in a pit and is used to turn locomotives around, or to position them for movement to a different track.
a mechanical device that relies on physical contact between the needle and the record's surface
a mechanical device which is vulnerable to airborne and floorborne vibrations
A move starting on the stomach, a complete Side Somersault, landing again on the stomach. (See Bluch).
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a nostalgic alternative to today s cold plastic stereo box
An INFO file containing the turn impedances between pairs of network links. There can be sixteen possible turn impedances between four network links meeting at a node (i.e., left, right, straight, and U-turn for each of the four network links).
a great gift, particularly for the sporting enthusiasts who frequently turn the set so they can get a better view
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The base on which a centrifugal casting mold rests.
Keywords:  cake, baking, twice, advantage, cooking
an advantage for even baking, but otherwise the cake must be turned once or twice during cooking to ensure an even rise
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a good tool because the rims are heavy
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a reversing section