Definitions for "Turnaround"
The time frame when one or more refinery units are shut down for inspection and maintenance.
a major overhaul of the facility that is done every two years at most sulfuric acid plants) As temporary laborers, we had to remove spent vanadium pentoxide catalyst (a toxic metal) from the plant converter
a planned, periodic shut down (total or partial) of a refinery process unit or plant to perform maintenance, overhaul and repair operations and to inspect, test and replace process materials and equipment
When a studio fails to produce a literary property it's purchased outright within a stipulated amount of time, the project "goes into turnaround"--which means that it becomes free for re-sale, but that the new buyer must pay a "turnaround fee," usually equivalent to the old buyer's purchase price, before he can proceed to make the movie.
after a certain period of time, if a project/script is not produced, a studio or company will essentially offer the script to any buyers interested in acquiring the rights to it. This usually involves the other company or individual paying for all "expenses" incurred while the project was being developed. These are fees and expenses that were on top on the purchase price for the material. Due to the high cost of development this can cause the project to then be very expensive and thus less attractive.
refers to a film or project that has been abandoned by a studio and is no longer active (and now available for being shopped to another studio)
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Section of track which curves 180°.
a sequence of chords that usually occurs at the end of a musical phrase
A sequence of chords, or the portion of a tune that they occupy, that forms a cadence at the end of a section of a tune, definitively establishes the tonic key and leads back to the opening chord of the next section, or to the top. Typically the turnaround chords are I - VI - II - V, with half a measure apiece. With possible substitutions and alterations, the variations are infinite. There are also entirely different progressions possible. If the opening chord of the next section is not a I chord, the turnaround must be suitable. Learning to negotiate turnarounds is essential to making a coherent solo. It's often effective to play a phrase that starts partway through a turnaround and continues past the beginning of the next section.
a process resulting in a substantial increase in a company's revenues, profits and reputation.
is the reversal of unfavorable circumstances of a business where an investment opportunity may exist. A firm may work with such a business to restructure the management and finances in order to take the greatest advantage of more favorable circumstances. There are organizations like the Turnaround Management Association that specialize in turning around failing companies.
Any element that reverses a train's direction. Typically found at the halfway point of an Out and Back Coaster.
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Turnaround is the fifth album by Irish boyband Westlife, released on 24 November 2003 (see 2003 in music). It reached number one in the UK and included the singles "Hey Whatever", "Mandy" and "Obvious". It is the last album to feature former member Bryan Mc Fadden.
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Turnkey TVA
In water transportation, the time between the arrival and departure of a ship from a port.
time need to prepare a vessel or ship for a return trip
act or process of unloading and loading and servicing a vessel or aircraft for a return trip
Securities bought and sold for settlement on the same day. Also, when a firm that has been performing poorly changes its financial course and improves its performance.
A flight that leaves and returns to the original city in the same day.
Refers to the ability to clear securities which are bought and sold for same-day settlement. The optimum is to receive and deliver the security within the established delivery period.
The portion of the roving doff where the roving changes direction when it is pulled out of the doff.
turning in the opposite direction
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Receiving a signal from one satellite and re-broadcasting it to another. Thaicom satellites do this to send programs around the world.
a short part (never more than one or two bars) that usually signifies the end of the melody or the entrance of another one
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Where the track turns round at a point furthest from the station.
an intense, highly emotional experience
a very personal and highly sensitive operation
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an area sufficiently large for a vehicle to turn around
Space permitting, an area for cars to park and turn around without having to back into the street.
Financing provided to a company at a time of operational or financial difficulty with the intention of improving the company's performance.
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an extreme measure resulting from poor management
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The time it takes to do a job from the initial order to customer delivery.