Definitions for "Turf"
Keywords:  sod, grass, stratum, mat, roots
That upper stratum of earth and vegetable mold which is filled with the roots of grass and other small plants, so as to adhere and form a kind of mat; sward; sod.
To cover with turf or sod; as, to turf a bank, or the border of a terrace.
A sod. The upper portion of soil filled with the roots and stems of low-growing, living plants.
Keywords:  gang, territory, juvenile, claimed, own
Territory claimed by the gang.
the territory claimed by a juvenile gang as its own
Keywords:  peat, sode, fuel, prepared, especially
Peat, especially when prepared for fuel. See Peat.
peat sode used for fuel
range of jurisdiction or influence; "a bureaucracy...chiefly concerned with turf...and protecting the retirement system"
Keywords:  toomer, recreation, urban, fund
Toomer Urban Recreation Fund
Keywords:  preceded, horse, racing, course
Race course; horse racing; -- preceded by the.
Keywords:  throw, along, someone, move
to throw someone out, move them along
Send the patient to another service, such as transferring a patient on the medicine service to surgery. (Example: "I turfed her to surgery.")