Definitions for "Tuple"
Pronounced "en-too-pull." This is a mathematical term for a finite sequence of n terms. For example, the set {1, 2, 3, 4} is a four-tuple. The set {Frank,...
A collection of one or more database attributes.
a collection of fields
a list of size two, which uses parenthesis rather than square brackets
a particular comma-divided list of items given within parenthesis ( '(' in addition to ')'
a group of one or more data items that are all related in some way
an instance of data within a relational database
a row of a relation
A fixed size collection of elements.
a fixed fixed-length list containing elements that need not have the same type
a fixed size collection of heterogeneous objects
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a generalization of the standard pair class template
a template if it has at least one formal Field
a vector of Fields
Keywords:  xed, chunk, order, elements, data
a data structure containing a given number of elements in a given order
a group of elements of xed length and order
an ordered set of type/data pairs
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The NBP name and internet socket address pair that an entity provides to register itself with NBP. NBP adds the tuple as a names table entry to its names table.
column (of a table)
an array of samples
an associative array
an object that generally contains an array of primitives
a way to refer to a member or a member combination from any number of dimensions
a way to specify coordinates from more than one dimension on a single axis
a fundamental entity of functionality in the scenario conveying information about the event(s) that start (or stop) a set of synchronized media presentations
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a convenient way to represent complex information
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a group of N items, where N is any whole number
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See Record.