Definitions for "tumbler "
A variety of the domestic pigeon remarkable for its habit of tumbling, or turning somersaults, during its flight.
A breed of dogs that tumble when pursuing game. They were formerly used in hunting rabbits.
a gymnast who performs rolls and somersaults and twists etc.
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A movable obstruction in a lock, consisting of a lever, latch, wheel, slide, or the like, which must be adjusted to a particular position by a key or other means before the bolt can be thrown in locking or unlocking.
A piece attached to, or forming part of, the hammer of a gunlock, upon which the mainspring acts and in which are the notches for the sear point to enter.
An English term that is sometimes used to denote a shotgun hammer. Also refers to an interior part of gun locks which contain notchs that interact with the sear.
A drinking glass, without a foot or stem; -- so called because originally it had a pointed or convex base, and could not be set down with any liquor in it, thus compelling the drinker to finish his measure.
Traditionally any round bottomed glasses that had no base and thus did not stand up on their own. The term today applies to any drinking glass without a stem or foot that is straight walled. The container of the mechanism that mixes a batch.
Machine that smoothes the surfaces and increases the luster of minerals by "tumbling" them together in a cylindrical container that rotates, causing them to continually bang into one another.
tumbler enables a client to securely tell a server process on a remote machine to execute a predetermined command. It is similar to port knocking, and is designed so that a remote user can securely and stealthily enable server processes, open firewall holes, etc.
tumbler is a protocol and implementation that provides a stealthy and secure way to execute a predefined command on a remote machine. tumbler is intended to allow remote reconfiguration of firewalls or services in a similar manner to port knocking.
A machine used to gently tumble the rug with a slow gentle pace to remove dirt and grime from the rug foundation before cleaning.
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the pupal stage of a mosquito
Common name for the mosquito pupa.
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Same as spiller.
an inexpensive investment, it does not produce nasty dust for you to breathe and it will never, ever snatch off one of your fingers
Tumblers are multi-part ordinal numbers similar to the Dewey Decimal System. For example, and are both tumblers. Since they can expand at any point, a numbering system based on them never runs out of precision. Udanax Green uses tumblers for all address to allow any number of nodes, users, documents, data-bytes, and links. (See the chapters "Addressing" and "Tumbler Arithmetic".) A document initially created as a virtual copy of some other document.
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see glassware
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A kind of cart; a tumbrel.
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an example of a transfinite number
an early childhood program in Wake County that combines physical education with exercises designed to develop perceptual, motor and social skills, and positive self-image
a magic cookie generated as part of a record or message to give it a unique identity
a unique numerical address of an interesting artefact
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a toy that can tumble over and then straighten up itself
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a term sometimes used to describe the button on top of a chess clock that switches off one players clock and turns on the opponent's clock
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One who tumbles; one who plays tricks by various motions of the body; an acrobat.