Definitions for "Tufted"
Growing in tufts or clusters; tufty.
In a clump.
In a dense cluster.
Adorned with a tuft; as, the tufted duck.
having or adorned with tufts; "a tufted bedspread"
(of a bird or animal) having a usually ornamental tuft or process on the head; often used in combination; "golden crested"; "crested iris"; "crested oriole"; "tufted duck"; "tufted loosestrife"
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(carpet) consists of hundreds of needles, which thread the yarn through the backing (jute or polypropylene), which forms loops or tufts to the required length. The backing is then given a layer of adhesive coating to fix the tufts in position; another layer of backing is then fixed for added strength. It is available in broadloom or narrow width.
An exceptionally soft floor covering made of yarns that are drawn through a heavy backing. Tufted rugs are made with the same technique as looped rugs, except they are sheared at the top to create individual strands for a dense pile. Yarns are punched through a backing material to form a looped or pile surface. Then, the backing is sealed with a secondary backing (frequently latex). Most carpeting is made using this process. Tufting may be done by hand, but most often, it is done by machine.
any cut-pile or looped-pile carpet made by punching individual fibres into a base material.
Keywords:  caespitose, bunched
Caespitose; bunched.
Keywords:  intertwining, hairs, ball, long, small
Long intertwining hairs that form a small ball or tufts
Having many short, crowded branches all arising from about the same point.