Definitions for "Tubercles"
circular bumps on the surface of the skin along the flippers and dorsal fins of some cetaceans.
knob-like projections.
Circular bumps along the flippers, dorsal fin s or heads of some cetacean Ventral : Pertaining to the undersside or lower part of the body.
a small rounded protuberance on a bone or the body surface.
small fleshy lobes or protuberances on body
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Small nodule or tuber-like structure.
a nodule or swelling.
small knobbles on the surface of echinoid and trilobite bodies. On echinoids they are attachment sites for spines which are adapted for protection and movement. On trilobites they are thought to have had a sensory purpose. Page up
Keywords:  sclerites, wart, projections
Wart-like projections on sclerites.
Keywords:  knoblike, projections, small
Small knoblike projections.