Definitions for "tsunami"
A seismic sea wave; a long, low wave in the ocean caused by an earthquake, faulting, or a landslide on the seafloor. Its velocity can reach 800 km per hour. Tsunamis are commonly and incorrectly called tidal waves.
Tidal” or seismic wave.
A large, high-velocity wave generated by displacement of the sea floor (such as sudden faulting, landsliding, or volcanic activity); also called seismic sea wave. Commonly misnamed TIDAL WAVE. See Figure 10.
Tsunami was released by Manic Street Preachers on July 5, 1999 and was the fourth single to be released from the This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours. All three members of the band - James Dean Bradfield, Sean Moore and Nicky Wire - share the writing credits.
Tsunami was an album released in 1999. It contained ten tracks picked by Tsunami Tranceport, and was released under the Kinetic Label.
Tsunami is the debut album by Khoma. The album was limited to 1000 discs, but sold out quickly. A reprint was quickly sold out again.
Tsunami (津名魅 'Port with a Bewitching Name') is a fictional character in the Tenchi Muyo! universe.
A torrential storm brought on alter(s) by flood suicide programming. Often signifies that this program has been activated in many different slaves.
a completely different storm as a Hurricane
Political tsunami is an American term or idiom used to describe an ovewhelming victory by one political party over another. The origin of this term or who coined the term is unknown.
an indescriminate killing machine, there is no-one to blame for anything
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a very bad thing that just happens
a vicious, wicked thing
Telephone System User Network Application Management Interface from Digital Mobility is a desktop environment for building filesystem directory structures for MIDlets .
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a gorgeous all aluminum case
a gigantic wall of water that can stretch as far as the eye can see and can travel thousands of miles before it crashes into land
tsunami - An open-source GUI-driven BitTorrent client for Microsoft Windows
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an SSL-based VPN that enables
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a natural disaster
a potential threat, although considered as low risk
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an act of nature