Definitions for "TSO"
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System software from IBM that provides time-sharing on an IBM mainframe running in an MVS environment.
Terminal Sharing Option. A terminal-oriented, interactive, menu-driven facility of the MVS operating system, providing utilities and other operator-initiated functions.
Time Sharing Option. An IBM communications monitor. TSO lets you develop programs and edit text by logging on to a remote terminal that is connected to an IBM system.
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Technical Standing Order (FAA)
Transitional Standard Offer. The 2004 Transitional Standard Offer (TSO) Period began on Jan. 1, 2004 and replaced the Standard Offer Period which expired on Dec. 31,2003. The 2004 Transitional Standard Offer, effective through Dec. 31, 2004, removed the 10% rate reduction. It's intended result was to encourage more electric suppliers to do business within the state. The 2005 Transitional Standard Offer (TSO) reflects the electric rate increase of 10.3%. The contributing factors for this increase are: the price of crude oil, the price of natural gas and the federally mandated congestion costs.
Technical Standard Order (USA)
Third sector organisation. TSOs pursue social and environmental objectives; do not distribute any surpluses to shareholders; reinvest any surpluses in the pursuit of their objectives; and are independent of government. TSOs can take a number of organisational forms, with or without charitable status – see Annex A.
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Tasmanian State Office
The Stationery Office
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Ticket Shipping Order. Used to verify that the ticket stock recorded by ARC computer as shipped is, in fact, in agreement with the stock physically received by the travel agency. See Section 3.6 of the IAH for further details.
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Tourist Open Second - a Coach with Second class seating.
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Treating service only – A company that treats wood products for others for a fee.
Transmission System Operator