Definitions for "Trusteeship"
a dependent country; administered by another country under the supervision of the United Nations
any receivership, trusteeship, or other method of supervision or control whereby a labor organization suspends the autonomy otherwise available to a subordinate under its constitution or bylaws.
The assumption of control over a local union by an international union, or by the federal government under the RICO Act. Provided for by the Constitutions of most international unions, trusteeships suspend the normal governmental process of a local union and take over management of the local's assets and the administration of its internal affairs. Article VI, Sec 5 of the Teamsters Constitution empowers the General President to appoint trustees to take charge of local unions or other subordinate bodies. The Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959 established controls over the establishment and administration of trusteeships.
a commission by the United Nations to a country to administer a region, which is known as the trust territory. The trust territory is not a colony-the idea is that it should be developed so that it can eventually assume complete independence. For example, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, administered by the U.S.
Commission from the United Nations to a country to look after a region, territory, or colony until the people of that land are ready for independence and self-government.
the administration by a nation of a trust territory, approved by the UN, usually with the idea that the trust territory will be developed toward self-government or independence
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a free undertaking
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The office or duty of a trustee.