Definitions for "Trust Deed"
An agreement spelling out the methods of receipt, investment and disbursement of funds under a superannuation plan, unit trust, charitable trust, etc. A superannuation trust deed will typically contain provisions for: investment powers of trustees, irrevocability and non-diversion of trust assets, payment of legal, trustee and other fees, liability of trustees, periodic reports by the trustees, records and accounts to be maintained, conditions for removal, resignation, or replacement of trustees, benefit payments under the plan, and the rights and duties of the trustees in case of amendment or termination of the plan.
The document which sets out the rules for the establishment and operation of a superannuation fund.
A document similar to a mortgage which conveys title to a trustee for the benefit of some other person named in the document.
a formal agreement between you and your creditors allows a settlement of reduced monthly credit repayments
a formal arrangement, used only in Scotland, which voluntarily transfers your assets to a trustee
a formal insolvency procedure and has the effect of transferring your assets and liabilities to a qualified insolvency practitioner
The written terms and condition defining the contractual relationship between borrower and lender.
Agreement between trustee and borrower setting out terms of a bond.
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a mortgage in California (and some other states)
See Mortgage.
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Underlying asset Variable rate CDs
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