Definitions for "Truncation"
When manipulating a sample, truncation shortens a sample's length by trimming off parts of the beginning and/or end.
Removal of the lower significant bits on a digital word--as could be necessary when sending a 16-bit word on an 8-bit bus. If not carefully handled it can lead to unpleasant artifacts on video signals. See also: Dynamic Rounding.
Process of abbreviating part of a keyword in order to retrieve all variations of that word. A symbol is used to represent any letter or ending of a word. The search results will contain any variant on spelling or word endings.
The act of truncating, lopping, or cutting off.
the act of cutting short; "it is an obvious truncation of the verse"; "they were sentenced to a truncation of their limbs"
To "truncate" a polyhedron means to cut off part of it, usually along some natural dividing line (like the middle of a sphere). Here it means cutting a full geodesic sphere off at some "latitude line" to make a dome out of it. For example, cutting the sphere exactly in half at the "equator" results in a dome which is 1/2 of a sphere, which is called a "1/2 truncation."
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The conversion of an item from a paper check to an electronic item for submission through the ACH for settlement.
A process whereby the items processing bank microfilms redeemed checks/warrants and then destroys the originals. Copies are available for up to seven years from the redeemed date.
The arrangement under which a financial institution does not return canceled checks or drafts to the account holder. Instead, the checks or drafts are microfilmed and the microfilm becomes the record if the customer requests a copy of the check or draft.... read full article
Concept associated with DEPENDENCE in a branch plant economy (see Dicken, Global Shift, pp.376ff . also in Hayter, in Area, 1982, pp.277ff.) A term first given widespread currency with the Canadian Gray Report, in which "subsidiaries and branch plants, which rely on their foreign based parent company for various services and functions and whose autonomy is circumscribed by head-office dictates, were declared to be truncated firms." ( Hayter )
Rounding mode that drops one or more least significant bits from a number. See also ceiling (round toward), convergent rounding, floor (round toward), nearest (round toward), rounding, zero (round toward)
a method of reducing the precision of a value by dropping the value occupying its place. For example: a value such as 1.356 will truncate to 1.35 because we are dropping the 1/1000th value, .006 (see also: Rounding).
Rejection of the final digits in a number, thus lessening the precision but not necessarily the accuracy.
The replacement of an edge or solid angle by a plane, especially when the plane is equally inclined to the adjoining faces.
the replacement of an edge or solid angle (as in cutting a gemstone) by a plane (especially by a plane that is equally inclined to the adjacent faces)
The process that produced drastic redirection of the outline in the artifact's distal or proximal region. A tool can exhibit truncation with respect to being straight, convex, or concave.
The process of discarding part of a result from an operation when it exceeds memory or storage capacity.
In mathematics, truncation is the term used for reducing the number of digits right of the decimal point, by discarding the least significant ones.
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An editing method, usually with sampled material, which involves moving the start or end point of the sample so that only the desired portion is played.
The editing of a sample playback so that just the desired portion of the sample is played by moving the start and end point of the sample playback.
Truncating text lines in the display means leaving out any text on a line that does not fit within the right margin of the window displaying it. See also `continuation line.' See section Basic Editing.
Can be either of the following: A technique that approximates a numeric value by dropping its fractional value and using only the integer portion. The process of removing one or more characters from the left or right of a number or string.
(1) Removal of one or more digits, characters or bits from one end of a block of data when a string length or target variable has been exceeded. (2) To cut off at a specified spot.
The suppression of characters or a string of data according to some predetermined requirement.
Loss or outermost side frequencies of an FM signal due to filtering. Shows as "tearing" effect of noise on video transients, sharp vertical edges.
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An anti theft mechanism in which the complete credit card number and expiration date does not appear on the sales receipt. The last four digits of the credit card number will appear on the sales receipt.
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The reduction in bar height below nominal height or that normally specified.
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The base area of the 'Head' on a coin. Shown in Illustration 1, top of page.
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the property of being truncated or short
The state of being truncated.